THE GREAT COLLIDE Once,   there   were   many   worlds.   Modern   worlds   with   cars   and   cell   phones,   fantastical   worlds   with   dragons   and   kings,   futuristic worlds   with   spaceships   and   faster-than-light   travel.   That   plethora   of   worlds,   however,   is   steadily   becoming…   one.   The   land breaks   where   islands   have   crashed   into   continents,   large   chunks   of   land   hovering   over   the   void.   Skyscrapers   stand   next   to castles.   Street   gangs   battle   ninjas   and   massive   robots   in   the   streets.   Every   day,   fragments   of   new   worlds   drift   in   from   the   outside, the   amalgamous   mass   swelling   more   and   more   over   time.   Leaders   of   the   old   worlds   fight   for   control,   while   heroes   from   the once independent dimensions struggle to build peace between warring realms. And   amidst   it   all,   dark   forces   lurk   in   the   shadows.   Villains   of   worlds   that   once   were   now   conspire,   finding   new   opportunity   in   the chaos   of   colliding   paradigms.   It’s   difficult   enough   to   find   a   moment   of   sanity,   a   breath   of   calm   in   the   madness,   but   the   greatest battles are still yet to come. WHAT IS THIS? Ficsation    is   a   tabletop   roleplaying   game.   I   have   a   weird   fascination   with   massive   crossovers,   like   Marvel   vs   Capcom    or   Smash Bros,    and   wanted   to   imbue   a   roleplaying   system   with   that.   Players   take   control   of   characters   from   various   video   games,   comics, and   other   established   media,   and   deal   with   the   chaos   that   ensues   when   worlds   collide.   The   game   is   totally   free   and   completely on   this   website,   and   I’ll   be   adding   to   it   (new   character   profiles,   monsters,   abilities,   etc)   as   time   goes   by.   I’m   also   totally   open   to discussion   about   the   game,   including   suggestions   or   requests   for   new   characters,   or   changes   to   old   ones.   This   site   is   a   perpetual work in progress. LEGAL STUFF It   should   be   pretty   obvious,   but   I   don’t   own   any   of   this   stuff.   Zelda,   Mario,   Final   Fantasy,   and   every   other   intellectual   concept being   used   on   this   site   is   copyright   to   their   respective   owners.   This   is   strictly   an   unofficial   fan   site   and   I’m   just   a   guy   that   likes putting numbers on things. Got a suggestion? A comment? A question? Check out the forums.