HUN-L  I Chun-Li   was   fascinated   by   martial   arts   from   an   early   age.   She practiced     Tai     Chi     and     Hong     Quan     at     first,     then     later taekwondo,     capoeira,     and     various     other     styles     before incorporating   them   into   her   own   kick-based   style.   At   age   18, Chun-Li   became   a   detective   in   the   hope   of   finding   her   missing father;    she    eventually    became    a    narcotics    investigator    for Interpol,    as    her    father    had    been.    She    discovered    that    he’d been   killed   by   Shadaloo,   a   powerful   criminal   organization   that dealt   in   biochemical   drugs   and   illegal   weaponry.   Though   Chun- Li   continued   her   work   as   a   police   officer,   she   did   so   while relentlessly    pursuing    M.    Bison,    the    head    of    Shadaloo,    for revenge.    It    wasn’t    long    after    Chun-Li    and    numerous    others finally   crushed   Shadaloo   and   killed   M.   Bison   that   Chun-Li   was pulled   into   the   Great   Collide--and   rumors   of   criminal   groups not unlike Shadaloo began to surface. CHECKS Roll    3d10     and    take    the    highest    result    for    checks    to    tell    if someone   is   hiding   something   or   lying,   checks   involving   history or culture, and checks that involve general police knowledge. Roll    2d10    and    take    the    highest    result    for    unarmed    attack checks    and    attack    checks    made    with    qi,    defense    checks    to block   or   dodge,   checks   of   intuition   or   detective   work,   checks   to notice    things,    checks    to    gather    information,    and    feats    of acrobatics or athleticism. Roll 1d10 for anything else. XP Whenever your thorough detective work puts you closer to bringing down a major villain or group of villains, gain 1 XP . When you strengthen your bond with an ally over something you have in common, gain 3 XP . When you bring the leader of an evil organization to justice--or end their life to stop their reign of terror--gain 5 XP . YOU BEGIN WITH EX   Special:   You   are   able   to   empower   your   other   abilities,   granting   them   new   properties   or   increased   power   by   putting   more   qi into   them.   Most   of   your   abilities   will   have   an   addendum,   mentioning   what   they   do   if   you   choose   to   do   the   EX   version.   When   you use   the   EX   version   of   an   ability,   shut   EX   Special   down;   you   can   no   longer   use   the   EX   versions   of   your   abilities,   only   the   normal ones. If you roll a 10 on an attack check, turn EX Special back on. LEVEL UP CHOICES Alpha   Counter:   When   you   fully   defend   against   a   melee   attack,   you   may   immediately   counter   with   an   attack   check   of   your   own without   using   your   turn.   If   you   use   the   EX   version   of   this,   you   do   not    need   to   fully   defend   against   an   attack;   the   counter   becomes a   parry.   You   negate   the   attack   against   you,   taking   no   damage   but   still   getting   to   counter.   If   you   roll   a   6   or   higher   on   the   attack check when you make the counter-attack, shut this ability down. Hyakuretsukyaku:   Literally   “Hundred   Rending   Legs,”   also   known   as   the   Lightning   Kick.   You   can   throw   a   flurry   of   kicks   with   such speed   that   the   movements   can’t   even   be   followed,   your   leg   appearing   as   a   flashing   blur.   The   attack   briefly   stuns   the   enemy, making   it   difficult   for   them   to   defend   themselves;   on   the   next   attack   dealt   against   them   (by   anyone),   their   defense   score   is treated   as   2   lower.   If   you   use   the   EX   version   of   this   attack,   the   enemy   is   stunned   for   longer--they   are   inflicted   with   Armor   Break . If you roll a 6 or higher on an attack check with this ability, shut it down. Kikoken:    You   can   thrust   both   palms   forward,   launching   a   bright   blue   ball   of   burning   qi   up   to   about   15   feet.   If   you   perform   the   EX version of this ability, you also burn out the enemy’s qi, inflicting Silence  status on the target. Kikosho:    After   a   momentary   charge   you   push   both   hands   forward,   creating   a   stationary   ball   of   qi   that   radiates   energy   around you.   This   attack   automatically   deals   5   damage   to   every   enemy   within   5   feet   of   you;   this   damage   cannot   be   raised   or   lowered,   it   is a   flat   5   damage.   If   you   use   the   EX   version   of   this   attack,   it   deals   a   flat   8   damage   and   burns   out   the   qi   of   every   affected   enemy, inflicting them with Silence status. Shut this ability down the first time it’s used. Peking   Opera:   You   are   incredibly   quick   and   agile,   able   to   leap   monumental   heights   and   run   at   incredible   speeds.   You   may automatically   succeed   on   any   non-combat   check   that   involves   speed,   agility,   or   acrobatics,   including   checks   to   make   jumps   or outrun   someone.   Shut   this   ability   down   the   first   time   it’s   used.   The   EX   version   of   this   ability   is   identical,   but   you   can   use   it   even   if Peking Opera’s already shut down. Sou   Hakkei:   Also   called   the   “Twin   Force   Exert,”   you   charge   qi   into   your   palms   but   don’t   release   it--instead   using   it   defensively   to stop   an   energy   based   attack.   You   may   completely   negate   the   damage   from   an   energy   attack   (lasers,   fireballs,   electricity,   etc).   You may   use   the   EX   version   of   this   when   one   of   your   nearby   allies   is   defending   against   an   energy   attack,   even   if   they’ve   already   rolled for   it.   You   dart   across   the   battlefield,   sliding   between   your   teammate   and   the   energy   in   question,   and   intercept   it   with   Sou Hakkei--negating the damage entirely. When you use this ability, roll 1d10; on a 1-5, shut it down. Spinning   Bird   Kick:   You   flip   upside   down,   twirling   forward   with   your   legs   extended   like   a   helicopter,   kicking   anyone   you   come into   contact   with.   You   move   forward   15   feet,   dealing   damage   to   any   enemies   that   come   within   5   feet   of   your   path.   You   are immune   to   floor   spikes,   isolated   fires,   caltrops,   and   other   environmental   hazards   or   rough   terrain   during   this   movement.   If   you use   the   EX   version   of   this   ability,   you   may   move   up   to   25   feet   instead.   If   you   roll   a   6   or   higher   on   the   attack   check   to   use   Spinning Bird Kick, shut it down. Tenshokyaku:   Also   called   the   “Heaven   Rising   Legs,”   you   launch   yourself   into   the   air,   firing   off   a   series   of   spinning   kicks.   When you   use   this   ability,   you   may   force   the   enemy   backward   up   to   10   feet,   and   you   receive   +2   on   the   attack   check   if   the   enemy   is levitating,   flying,   or   otherwise   airborne.   If   you   perform   the   EX   version   of   this   ability,   you   also   force   the   target   to   the   ground,   and shut off their ability to fly for the rest of the fight.