URI  E Curie   (technically   the   Contagions   Vulnerability   Robotic   Infirmary   Engineer,   or CVRIE)   is   a   Miss   Nanny   model   robot   reprogrammed   to   act   as   a   scientist,   medic, and   lab   assistant.   She   has   been   given   a   customized   feminine   personality   based on    some    of    history’s    famed    intellectuals--like    Maria    Skłodowska    Curie,    Alan Turing,   Albert   Einstein   and   the   like--and   a   voice   with   a   heavy   French   accent. Having   lived   in   a   vault   most   of   her   existence   and   coded   with   pre-war   history, Curie    comes    off    as    a    little    unprepared    for    the    world    of    the    Great    Collide. However,   this   doesn’t   stop   her   from   seeking   new   research   opportunities,   and trying to further improve on the medical sciences. CHECKS Roll   3d10    and   take   the   highest   result   on   checks   that   involve   doing   first   aid, performing   surgery,   identifying   drugs,   or   other   checks   of   medical   knowledge, and checks involving biology or chemistry. Roll   2d10   and   take   the   highest   result   on   checks   to   notice   things,   checks   to   do research, and checks of general intelligence. Roll 1d10 for anything else. XP When an opportunity for research and scientific discovery distracts you from a more important goal, gain 1 XP . Whenever   you   go   out   of   your   way   to   treat,   cure,   or   otherwise   provide   medical   aid   to   people   outside   your   party   (especially   if   you have nothing to gain from it), gain 3 XP . When you make an incredible medical discovery, or are directly involved with a massive scientific breakthrough, gain 5 XP . YOU BEGIN WITH CVRIE:   You   are   an   automaton,   not   an   organic   being.   You   do   not   need   to   eat,   drink,   sleep,   or   breathe,   you   do   not   tire,   and   you   are immune   to    Poison .   You   hover   above   the   ground,   and   are   equipped   with   an   electric   buzzsaw   and   long   range   laser   weapon.   You take -2 on defense checks against Electricity  based attacks, however. LEVEL UP CHOICES Antibiotic:   You   have   gained   access   to   your   Antibiotics   function,   letting   you   inject   people   with   curative   chems.   As   a   side   action, you   may   use   Antibiotic   on   someone   in   melee   range;   when   you   use   this   ability,   remove   all   negative   status   effects   from   the   target. After you use this ability, roll 1d10; on a 1-5, turn this ability off. Combat   Chems:   You   have   gained   access   to   your   chem   injection   functions,   letting   you   inject   people   with   the   painkiller   Med-X and   the   military   chem   Psycho.   As   a   side   action,   you   may   use   Combat   Chems   on   an   individual   in   melee   range.   The   target   receives +1   on   all   defense   and   attack   checks,   and   becomes   immune   to   Poison   until   the   end   of   the   battle,   or   for   1   minute   if   you   aren’t   in active combat. After you use this ability, roll 1d10; on a 1-5, turn this ability off. Hacking   Module:   You   were   at   some   point   modified   to   include   a   hacking   subroutine,   and   you   have   finally   reacquired   access   to   it. You   may   roll   2d10   and   take   the   higher   result   on   any   checks   to   hack   electronic   devices,   including   electronic   locks,   cell   phones   and computers. You can attempt to hack into devices from up to 30 feet away. Medical   Database:   You   are   an   absolute   expert   on   all   things   medical   and   medicinal.   You   may   automatically   succeed   on   any check   that   involves   medical   expertise   or   skill   (even   if   you’ve   already   rolled   for   it).   After   you   use   this   ability,   roll   1d10;   on   a   1-5, shut it off. Modded   Plating:    Your   armor   has   been   improved   at   a   robotic   workbench.   You   receive   a   +1   bonus   on   defense   checks   against   any sort of energy (Fire, Cold, Electricity, laser beams, etc). You no longer suffer a -2 penalty against Electricity based attacks. Sensor   Array:   You   possess   a   modified   and   upgraded   Sensor   Array.   You   and   any   allies   near   you   receive   +2   on   checks   to   notice things,   or   checks   of   general   perception.   You   can   automatically   see   through   illusions   and   detect   invisible   enemies,   and   you   can see perfectly well in the dark. You are immune to Blind status. Stimpack:   You   have   regained   some   functionality   of   your   robotic   limbs,   allowing   you   to   inject   people   with   Stimpacks.   You   may use   a   Stimpack   on   someone   in   melee   range   as   a   side   action;   roll   1d10   and   give   them   back   that   much   HP.   If   you   roll   an   8   or   higher on the heal check, turn this ability off. You may take this ability twice; the second time, you unlock the following: Medical   Breakthrough:   Whenever   you   use   your   Stimpack   ability,   you   may   roll   2d10   instead,   and   take   whichever   result you prefer at the time.