OOM MARIN  E He’s   a   man   known   by   many   names--usually   Marine,   the   Doom   Marine,   or occasionally   Doomguy--but   his   actual   history   is   murky,   with   some   debate   as to   whether   the   stories   all   even   connect   to   the   same   soldier.   What’s   known   for sure   is   that   the   forces   of   Hell   have   been   repelled   many   times   by   a   lone   space marine,   and   Doomguy--be   he   that   lone   space   marine   or   not--is   both   very proficient   at   and   very   passionate   about   killing   demons.   With   the   Great   Collide, the   underworlds   and   demonic   forces   of   every   conceivable   world   are   coming together. The Marine’s job is far from finished. CHECKS Roll   3d10    and   take   the   highest   result   for   checks   to   identify   demons   and   occult symbols or books. Roll   2d10   and   take   the   highest   result   for   attack   checks   made   using   firearms, feats    of    athleticism    or    pure    physical    strength,    and    checks    to    understand advanced or alien technology. Roll 1d10 for anything else. XP Whenever you do something incredibly bad ass, gain 1 XP . When your insatiable need to slay extraplanar evil at any cost causes bigger problems for you or your party, gain 3 XP . Whenever   you   prevent   an   otherworldly   or   demonic   invasion,   or   stop   an   incredibly   powerful   evil   from   entering   this   world,   gain   5 XP . YOU BEGIN WITH Space   Marine   Armor:   You   possess   a   suit   of   high   end   space   marine   armor,   which   has   been   customized   to   fit   your   body   and accentuate   your   already   high   end   abilities.   You   can   lift   more,   run   faster,   and   punch   with   enough   force   to   dent   metal.   Your   suit accomodates   you   in   outer   space   or   underwater,   adjusting   your   local   gravity   and   providing   breathable   air   while   protecting   you from   the   vaccuum--you   move   in   zero   G   or   underwater   as   if   you   were   on   land.   Lastly,   you   receive   a   +2   on   all   attack   and   defense checks   against   undead,   demons,   and   pure   evil   entities.   You   instinctively   know   if   an   entity   meets   these   qualifications.   This   may   be a function of the suit, but it’s probably just you. LEVEL UP CHOICES Berserk:   You   are   able   to   tap   into   a   deep   seated   and   inhuman   rage.   You   may   activate   this   as   a   side   action,   and   it   lasts   until   the end   of   combat.   While   under   the   effect   of   this   ability,   roll   3d10   and   take   the   highest   result   on   any   attack   checks   made   with   your fists,   and   roll   2d10   and   take   the   highest   result   on   any   defense   checks.   However,   while   this   ability   is   active,   you   are   also   affected by an incurable and unpreventable Rage  status that ends when the combat does. This ability is shut off after you use it once. BFG9000:   You   possess   the   BFG9000,   hailed   as   one   of   the   most   powerful   anti-personnel   guns   ever   built.   After   a   brief   charge   up,   it fires   massive   blasts   of   green   plasma,   dealing   energy   (rather   than   physical)   damage.   When   you   fire   the   BFG9000,   treat   one   attack check   as   though   you   rolled   a   10,   and   treat   your   target’s   armor   as   though   it   were   halved   (rounding   down).   Shut   this   ability   down the first time it’s used. Chaingun:   You   have   acquired   the   Chaingun,   a   bulky   multi-barreled   automatic   weapon   akin   to   a   gatling   gun.   It   has   an   incredibly high   rate   of   fire   with   surprisingly   little   spin-up   time,   though   it   eats   through   ammunition   rapidly.   When   you   attack   with   the Chaingun,   you   will   do   a   guaranteed   minimum   of   5   damage   before   accounting   for   enemy   defenses.   If   your   dice   roll   and/or penalties   would   have   you   do   less,   round   it   up   to   5.   The   third   time   you’re   forced   to   round   it   up   this   way,   however,   shut   the   ability down. Plasma   Gun:    This   futuristic   weapon   uses   energy   cells   to   fire   blue   and   white   bursts   of   hot   plasma--the   damage   is   considered energy,   rather   than   physical.   Its   rapid   fire   and   odd   trajectory   make   it   difficult   to   dodge,   and   its   stream   of   fire   helps   cut   straight through   armor.   When   you   deal   damage   to   a   target   with   the   Plasma   Gun,   you   also   inflict   the   Armor   Break   status   effect   on   them. If you roll a 6 or higher on an attack check with this ability, shut this ability off. Siphon   Grenade:   This   grenade--specially   designed   to   utilize   receptors   in   your   armor--creates   a   field   on   impact   that   siphons   life force   from   the   target   and   feeds   it   back   to   you.   Whatever   damage   you   deal   with   this   weapon   (after   subtracting   Defense   Score) you   recover   in   HP.   If   you   hit   multiple   targets   with   it,   you   only   get   as   much   HP   as   you   would   from   one.   If   you   get   back   5   or   more HP at once with this ability, shut it off. Supercharge:   By   tapping   into   latent   energies   that   your   suit   collected   during   its   time   in   Hell   (energies   that   may   or   may   not   be   a human   soul),   you   can   briefly   but   dramatically   increase   your   survivability.   You   can   activate   Supercharge   as   a   side   action;   you immediately   gain   10   HP,   up   to   a   total   of   20   HP --double   your   normal   capacity   until   the   end   of   combat.   If   you   have   more   than   10 HP at the end of the fight, your HP total is dropped back to 10. This ability is shut off the first time you use it. Super   Shotgun:   You   have   acquired   the   SSG,   a   sawed-off,   break-action,   double-barreled   shotgun.   It   fires   with   short   range   but   a wide   spread,   letting   you   attack   all   targets   in   a   15   by   15   foot   square   in   front   of   you.   If   you   roll   a   6   or   higher   on   an   attack   check with this ability, shut this ability off.