IMON BELMON  T A   legendary   vampire   hunter   from   the   17th   century,   Simon   is   a descendant   of   Trevor   Belmont ,   and   heir   to   the   Vampire   Killer whip.    Simon    single    handedly    stormed    Dracula’s    castle    and defeated   the   dark   lord   not   just   once,   but   multiple   times.   Simon’s bravery   and   determination   in   saving   his   country   from   Dracula went    down    in    history,    earning    respect    for    the    once    hated Belmont    clan.    With    the    Great    Collide,    Simon    Belmont    finds himself   in   a   new   world   with   new   monsters,   and   the   threat   of something like Dracula coming to power looms overhead. CHECKS Roll   3d10    and   take   the   highest   result   for   checks   to   identify   and know     about     monsters,     especially     creatures     of     the     night (vampires, werewolves, etc). Roll   2d10   and   take   the   highest   result   for   attack   checks   made with   a   melee   or   thrown   weapon,   all   defense   checks,   checks   to spot   hidden   traps   or   passages,   and   checks   of   general   acrobatics or athleticism. Roll 1d10 for anything else. XP When   you   rush   headlong   into   a   dangerous   situation   without   a plan or proper information and suffer for it, gain 1 XP . Whenever   your   absolute   focus   on   a   main   goal   blinds   you   to   smaller   problems--creating   new   problems   entirely,   or   causing tensions with you and your party--gain 3 XP . Whenever you stop a great evil before it can fully amass its power, gain 5 XP . YOU BEGIN WITH Vampire   Killer:   You   wield   the   Vampire   Killer,   a   powerful   and   holy   whip   passed   down   through   the   Belmont   family.   The   whip   can be   used   to   grab   small   objects   from   up   to   15   feet   away,   or   even   used   as   a   grapple-like   implement   to   swing   from   sturdy architecture.   Your   “melee”   attacks   can   be   made   from   a   distance,   and   thus   never   provoke   melee-based   counter-attacks   or   trigger melee-based   abilities   from   your   enemies.   Attack   checks   made   with   the   whip   get   +2   against   undead,   demons,   and   the   genuinely evil; you are automatically aware when an enemy meets these qualifications. LEVEL UP CHOICES Axe:   You   carry   heavy   throwing   axes,   which   are   weighted   to   deal   the   most   damage   when   hurled   at   an   arc.   When   you   make   an attack   with   the   Axe,   you   receive   +2   on   the   check   if   the   enemy   is   levitating,   flying,   or   otherwise   airborne.   If   you   do   hit   a   flying enemy,   you   may   target   an   additional   grounded   enemy   up   to   25   feet   forward   from   the   flying   one.   Lastly,   if   you   roll   a   6   or   higher with   the   Axe   against   a   flying   enemy,   you   may   choose   to   automatically   ground   the   enemy,   dropping   them   out   of   the   sky   on impact with the axe. Chain   Leash:   When   you   hit   an   opponent   with   your   whip,   you   can   choose   to   ensnare   them,   leashing   them   to   you.   The   target   can still   move,   but   no   more   than   15   feet   away   from   you,   not   even   via   teleportation   or   other   abilities;   they   are   stuck,   held   by   your whip.   If   you   move,   they   are   dragged   with   you.   You   cannot   make   other   attacks   with   your   whip,   or   use   abilities   that   rely   on   your whip,   until   you   relinquish   them--which   you   can   do   as   a   side   action.   You   can   also   drag   them   straight   into   melee   range   with   you,   if you like. Cross:   You   carry   a   large   cross   that   always   returns   to   your   hand,   much   like   a   boomerang.   When   you   attack   with   the   cross,   you may   not   roll   more   than   1d10   for   the   attack   check;   however,   if   you   roll   a   1-3   on   the   check,   roll   again   and   add   the   two   results together. The cross is sufficiently blessed, and gets +2 against undead, demons, and the genuinely evil. Holy   Water:   You   carry   vials   of   blessed   water,   which   erupt   into   holy   flames   when   the   glass   is   broken.   You   can   create   a   10   foot   by 10   foot   square   of   blessed   fire   as   a   main   action;   you   deal   1   automatic   damage   against   any   enemies   that   enter   it,   walk   through   it, end   their   turn   in   it,   or   are   standing   in   it   when   you   create   it.   The   flames   instead   deal   3   automatic   damage   against   enemies   weak to   Fire,   and   if   the   target   is   undead,   a   demon,   or   pure   evil,   they   are   inflicted   with   Burning .   After   you   use   this   ability,   roll   1d10;   on   a 1-5, shut it down. Knife:   You   can   throw   a   knife   as   a   side   action,   but   only   if   it’s   the   only   side   action   you   take   this   turn.   An   attack   with   a   thrown   knives deals 1 guaranteed damage, which cannot be lowered or raised by any means. Secret   Meat:   You   are   skilled   at   finding   health-restoring   food   in   places   you   probably   shouldn’t,   in   conditions   that   only   you   could truly   tolerate.   As   a   side   action,   roll   2d10   and   take   the   higher   result;   recover   that   much   HP.   If   you   roll   a   6   or   higher   when   using   this ability, shut it down. Spinning   Flail:   Once   per   combat,   you   may   swing   your   whip   in   a   wild   circle   around   you,   attacking   every   enemy   in   10   feet   without penalty. If you have the ability Chain Leash,  you can use it on any single enemy you hit with Spinning Flail. White   Crystal:   A   blessed   crystal   you   bought   from   the   town   of   Jova   before   the   Great   Collide,   it   has   regained   its   unusual properties.   While   it   is   in   your   possession,   you   can   see   invisible   creatures   and   hidden   doors,   and   you   can   see   through   illusions, mirages, and other falsities. If a creature is transformed, you can see their true form.