OLAIRE OF ASTOR  A Solaire   is   a   knight   of   Astora,   a   noble   and   refined   land   before   it   was   assaulted   by   the   evil eye.   He   is   a   Warrior   of   Sunlight,   one   who   praises   the   sun   itself,   and   seeks   a   sun   of   his   own. Whether   this   a   metaphor   for   becoming   a   hero   and   finding   his   own   significance   in   the world,   or   completely   literal,   is   hard   to   gauge;   however,   he   takes   this   quest   seriously   enough to   have   become   undead   and   traveled   far   in   its   pursuit.   He   is   a   brave   and   talented   knight, optimistic and always eager to lend a hand. CHECKS Roll   3d10    and   take   the   highest   result   for   checks   to   encourage,   inspire,   or   motivate,   and checks that involve religion or religious lore. Roll    2d10    and    take    the    highest    result    for    attack    checks    made    with    melee    weaponry, defense checks, and checks to empathize or understand what others are feeling. Roll 1d10 for anything else. XP When   you   and   your   party   accomplish   something   great   that   none   of   you   could   have   done on your own, gain 1 XP . When you help rebuild your group’s spirits when things seem especially bleak, gain 3 XP . Whenever   you   make   a   great   sacrifice   in   order   to   find   your   own   significance,   or   give   up   something   you   value   to   serve   as   a   light and example to others, gain 5 XP . YOU BEGIN WITH Warrior   of   Sunlight:   Though   you   are   a   long   way   from   Lordran,   the   curse   of   undeath   still   lingers.   When   you   would   normally   die, you   may   choose   instead   to   sacrifice   10   XP,   or   to   unlearn   one   of   your   leveled   abilities.   If   you   do   this,   instead   of   dying,   you   simply rematerialize   wherever   you   last   took   a   full   rest.   If   you   cannot   do   this   (or   you   choose   not   to),   your   body   will   rematerialize   at   the place   of   your   last   full   rest   as   a   hollow--an   aggressive   and   violent   undead,   hostile   to   all   those   unlike   you,   and   no   longer   under your control. LEVEL UP CHOICES Bountiful   Sunlight:   This   special   miracle   was   bestowed   by   the   Princess   of   Sunlight   and   acquired,   somehow,   in   a   different   time.   A soft   glow   surrounds   you,   warming   those   in   your   presence.   You   can   cast   this   miracle   as   a   side   action;   once   active   you,   and   any allies   within   25   feet   of   you   regain   1   HP   every   ten   seconds   for   fifty   seconds   (or   for   five   combat   rounds),   for   a   total   of   5   gradual   HP. Shut this ability down after use. Great   Heal:   Great   Heal   is   a   long   tale,   only   learned   by   a   select   few   and   only   cast   by   advanced   clerics.   As   a   side   action,   you   may cast   Great   Heal   on   yourself,   or   an   ally   near   you.   Roll   2d10   and   take   the   higher   result;   the   target   recovers   that   much   HP.   If   you heal 6 or more HP at once with this miracle, shut this ability down. Great   Lightning   Spear:   You   can   perform   a   miracle,   conjuring   a   massive   lance   made   of   pure   lightning   into   your   hand   and   hurling it   at   an   enemy.   Great   Lightning   Spear   gains   +2   on   the   attack   check   against   foes   weak   to   Electricity,   and   if   it   connects   with   a   body of water, will deal damage to everything in that water at no penalty. Heir   to   the   Sun:   Your   worship   of   the   sun   has   been   duly   rewarded.   You   receive   +2   on   defense   checks   against   Electricity   based attacks, and you are immune to the Fear  status effect. Jolly   Co-operation:   You   can   provide   emotional   support,   encouraging   your   allies   on   non-combat   tasks.   When   you   use   Jolly   Co- operation,   the   target   receives   a   +1   bonus   to   whatever   check   you   are   cheering   them   on   for.   When   you   use   this   ability,   roll   1d10; on a 1-5, shut it down. Orange   Charred   Ring:   You   have   acquired   a   ring   once   enchanted   by   a   witch.   While   wearing   it,   you   receive   +2   against   all   Fire   based   damage,   and   are   immune   to   the   effects   of   extreme   heat.   You   can--specifically--wade   through   magma   and   hot   lava   with   no ill effects. Sacred   Oath:    You   may   perform   this   miracle   as   a   side   action.   Once   in   effect,   you   and   allies   within   25   feet   gain   +1   on   all   attack   and defense checks for the remainder of the battle, or for the next minute (if used out of combat). Shut this ability down after use. White   Soapstone:    Once,   this   soapstone   allowed   Undead   to   assist   each   other   through   distorted   time.   With   reality   altered   by   the Great   Collide,   it   works   a   little   differently.   You   may   draw   a   rune   on   the   ground   or   a   nearby   wall   with   this   soapstone;   those   you consider   allies   will   see   it   manifest   near   them,   and   they   may   use   the   rune   to   summon   you   to   their   side.   You   teleport,   arriving   10 seconds later (or at the start of the next round, if in combat).