PIDER-MA  N Once   normal   highschool   nerd   Peter   Parker,   Peter’s   life   was forever   changed   when   he   was   bitten   by   a   radioactive   spider. Granted   the   proportionate   strength,   speed,   and   agility   of   a spider   as   well   as   a   slew   of   powers,   the   preventable   death   of his    Uncle    Ben    taught    Peter    that    with    great    power,    there must    also    come    great    responsibility.    Now,    Peter    Parker fights crime as the masked hero Spider-Man. CHECKS Roll   3d10    and   take   the   highest   result   for   checks   involving chemical   or   biological   sciences,   checks   involving   engineering or mechanical science, and checks that involve photography. Roll   2d10   and   take   the   highest   result   for   attack   checks   made with   your   webbing   or   unarmed   combat,   defense   checks   to dodge   anything,   feats   of   athleticism   and   acrobatics,   checks of    reflexes,    balance    or    agility,    checks    to    hide    or    sneak, checks to do research, and checks for general intelligence. Roll 1d10 for anything else. XP Whenever you take on a responsibility just because you have the power to deal with it, gain 1 XP . When you make it personal with an enemy or an enemy makes it personal with you, gain 3 XP . When   a   previous   enemy   you’ve   showed   mercy   to   and/or   forgiven   in   the   past   in   turn   becomes   an   ally   or   helps   you   stop   a   bigger threat, gain 5 XP . YOU BEGIN WITH Wall   Crawler:   One   of   the   most   notable   powers   you   acquired   from   the   radioactive   spider,   you   can   stick   to   walls   or   ceilings   with your   hands   and   feet.   This   allows   you   to   climb   them   (much   like   a   spider),   scaling   even   sheer   flat   surfaces   like   glass   with   no difficulty whatsoever. This also gives you can incredibly sticky grip, and you receive a +2 bonus on checks to hold onto things. LEVEL UP CHOICES Insulated   Costume:   After   years   of   fighting   enemies   like   Electro   and   the   Shocker,   you’ve   made   some   slight   tweaks   to   better insulate   your   costume.   You   get   a   +2   bonus   on   defense   checks   against   Electricity   based   attacks,   or   attacks   that   rely   on   vibrations or sound (such as sonic blasts, earthquakes, etc). Pest   or   Menace:    One   of   your   greatest   strengths   isn’t   your   spider   powers,   but   your   wit,   and   your   knack   for   utterly   infuriating your   foes.   You   can   taunt   an   enemy   into   focusing   on   you,   inflicting   Challenged    status   on   them   as   a   side   action.   A   Challenged enemy   cannot   make   an   attack   check   that   doesn’t   include   you   as   a   target,   though   this   status   is   broken   if    you    attack   anyone   but the Challenged. After you use this ability, roll 1d10; on a 1-5, shut this ability down. Spider   Sense:    You   have   a   vaguely   psychic   awareness   of   your   surroundings;   when   you   are   in   danger,   you   feel   a   strong   tingling   at the   back   of   your   skull.   This   allows   you   to   avoid   attacks   more   easily,   as   you   can   sense   them   coming   before   you   can   see   any   signs of   the   threat.   You   may   treat   a   defense   check   as   though   you’d   rolled   a   10,   even   if   you’ve   already   rolled   for   it.   After   you   use   this ability,   roll   1d10;   on   a   1-5,   shut   this   ability   down.   In   addition,   you   can   never   ber   ambushed;   your   party   always   takes   initiative   in fights. You may only take the following abilities after you’ve taken this one: Refined   Spider   Sense:   You   have   trained   with,   and   honed   in,   your   Spider   Sense.   By   feeling   the   subtle   differences   in   the tingling sensation, you can fight or even navigate without sight. You are now immune to Blind status. Spider   Tracers:    You’ve   built   a   device   that   can   track   opponents.   It   resembles   a   tiny,   almost   unnoticeable   metal   spider, which   will   stick   to   anything   you   throw   it   at.   It   puts   out   a   signal   that   only   your   Spider   Sense   can   detect,   allowing   you   to   know where   it   is   over   a   great   distance,   and   track   it   down   again   if   you   need   to.   You   carry   a   large   enough   quantity   of   Spider   Tracers that you do not fear running out. Web   Shooters:    You’ve   built   Web   Shooters,   wrist-mounted   devices   that   shoot   tough   but   flexible,   elastic   and   adhesive   fibers.   This manufactured   webbing   dissolves   after   about   an   hour   of   air   exposure.   You   can   shoot   web   lines   to   use   as   a   sort   of   grapple   line, pulling   yourself   to   distant   objects,   or   pulling   smaller   items   (and   enemies)   toward   you.   You   can   pull   an   enemy   up   to   30   feet   as   a side   action.   You   can   also   use   your   webbing   to   travel,   swinging   from   line   to   line,   shooting   new   lines   as   you   release   old   ones. Lastly,   you   can   attack   at   range   with   your   webs   by   shooting   thick   globs   at   high   speeds.   You   may   only   take   the   following   abilities after you’ve acquired this one: Combat   Webbing:   You’ve   gotten   more   experience   in   using   your   Web   Shooters   in   combat,   and   have   developed   ways   of utilizing   your   webbing   in   a   fight.   When   you   make   an   attack   check   using   your   webbing,   you   can   take   -2   to   either   shoot   it   at your   opponent’s   eyes,   giving   them   Blind   status,   OR   you   can   take   -2   on   the   attack   check   to   web   the   target   to   the   floor   or   a nearby   wall.   An   opponent   pinned   down   this   way   can   still   act   as   normal,   but   cannot   move   from   their   spot   until   they   or   an ally   spends   a   main   action   cutting   them   free.   If   you   roll   a   6   or   higher   on   an   attack   check   made   this   way,   shut   down   all abilities that rely on your Web Shooters. Creative   Webbing:   You’ve   practiced   outside   of   combat   with   your   webbing,   and   have   gotten   skilled   at   making   crude,   simple items   with   the   synthetic   fibers.   You   can   craft   a   basic   item,   such   as   a   parachute,   a   hammock,   a   baseball   bat,   or   a   small shield. What   a   Spider   Can:   You   are   superhumanly   agile,   able   to   twist   and   contort   your   body   in   ways   that   no   normal   human   ever   could. You   may   automatically   succeed   on   any   non-combat   check   that   relies   on   flexibility,   agility,   or   acrobatics   (even   if   you’ve   already rolled for it). When you use this ability, roll 1d10; on a 1-5, shut this ability down.