REVOR BELMON  T A   descendant   of   the   great   Leon   Belmont,   and   ancestor   of   Simon   Belmont,   Trevor’s   family   was   feared   for   their   supernatural   powers   and   forced   to   live   on the   outskirts   of   conventional   society,   with   Trevor   often   hiding   his   identity   when he   went   into   public.   In   1476   after   many   reports   of   monsters   lead   by   Count Dracula,   the   church   resorted   to   the   Belmont   Clan.   Despite   the   way   he’d   been treated   in   the   past,   Trevor   heeded   the   call--and   together   with   Grant   Danasty, Sypha   Belnades,   and   Dracula’s   own   son   Alucard,   Trevor   helped   defeat   the   dark lord.   Though   Trevor   would   like   to   relax   and   know   a   life   of   peace,   the   Great Collide   has   brought   a   new   brand   of   evil   to   his   attention--and   few   are   as   ready to handle it as Trevor. CHECKS Roll   3d10    and   take   the   highest   result   for   checks   to   identify   and   know   about monsters,   especially   creatures   of   the   night   (vampires,   werewolves,   etc),   and checks of religious, occult, or political knowledge. Roll   2d10   and   take   the   highest   result   for   attack   checks   made   with   your   whip   or with   a   thrown   weapon   (such   as   a   knife   or   axe),   checks   to   spot   hidden   traps   or passages,   checks   to   navigate   a   castle,   dungeon,   or   labyrinth,   and   for   feats   of general acrobatics or athleticism. Roll 1d10 for anything else. XP When your upfront, confident or even rude behavior causes problems or creates tensions with your teammates, gain 1 XP . When you help formulate a successful plan of attack, gain 3 XP . When you help a community to no longer fear being preyed upon, gain 5 XP . YOU BEGIN WITH Vampire   Killer:   You   wield   the   Vampire   Killer,   a   powerful   and   holy   whip   passed   down   through   the   Belmont   family.   The   whip   can be   used   to   grab   small   objects   from   up   to   10   feet   away,   or   even   used   as   a   grapple-like   implement   to   swing   from   sturdy architecture.   Your   “melee”   attacks   can   be   made   from   a   distance,   and   thus   never   provoke   melee-based   counter-attacks   or   trigger melee-based   abilities   from   your   enemies.   Attack   checks   made   with   the   whip   get   +2   against   undead,   demons,   and   the   genuinely evil; you are automatically aware when an enemy meets these qualifications. LEVEL UP CHOICES Grant   Danasty: You   gain   the   aid   of   the   thief,   Grant   Danasty,   who   with   a   band   of   rebels   attempted   to   overthrow   Dracula   after   the vampire   lord   killed   Grant’s   family.   Grant   works   under   standard   follower   rules.   When   making   checks   as   Grant,   roll   310   on   checks of   general   criminal   or   underworld   knowledge,   and   2d10   on   attack   checks   made   with   knives   or   daggers,   defense   checks   to   dodge or   avoid   traps   and   hazards,   checks   to   hide   or   be   stealthy,   checks   to   steal   or   pickpocket   things,   and   checks   involving   feats   of acrobatics   or   feats   of   general   speed   and   agility.   Grant   has   5   HP.   You   may   only   unlock   the   following   abilities   after   you’ve   recruited Grant: Invisibility   Potion:    Grant   knows   the   alchemical   processes   for   brewing   invisibility   potions,   and   has   treated himself   in   such   a   way   to   benefit   from   them.   Grant   can   drink   one   of   these   potions   per   full   rest   as   a   side action,   giving   him   Invisible    status.   At   the   start   of   every   turn   he’s   Invisible   (or   every   10   seconds,   if   out   of combat), roll 1d10; on a 1-5, he becomes visible again. Throwing   Daggers:   Grant   carries   daggers,   specially   made   to   be   good   for   throwing   or   more   conventional cutting   and   stabbing.   Grant   gets   a   +2   bonus   on   attack   checks   made   with   his   daggers   against   enemies unaware of his presence. Wall   Cling:   Grant   is   able   to   stick   to   walls   and   ceilings,   and   climb   them   like   some   manner   of   insect.   He   can   even   cling   to sheer surfaces, like solid glass, without difficulty. Sypha   Belnades:    You   have   recruited   Sypha   Belnades,   a   witch   of   Walachia.   When   making   checks   as   Sypha,   roll   3d10   on   checks that   involve   occult   lore   and   identifying   magic   and   checks   to   understand   or   interpet   a   language.   Roll   2d10   on   checks   to   attack with   magic,   checks   to   defend   against   magic,   or   checks   to   see   through   illusions,   disguises,   and   falsities.   Sypha   has   5   HP.   You   may only unlock the following abilities after you’ve recruited Sypha: Frozen   Crystals:   Sypha   conjures   a   series   of   icy   javelins   in   front   of   her,   which   all   propel   themselves   at   a   single   target.   If these   crystals   are   launched   at   a   body   of   water,   it   will   freeze   in   its   entirety   for   20   seconds   (or   2   rounds).   This   attack   gets   a   +2 bonus   against   foes   weak   to   Cold   and   inflicts   Freezing    status   on   enemies   it   hits,   but   if   you   roll   a   6   or   higher   on an attack check with it, shut the ability down. Lightning    Trap:    Sypha    can    grant    an    object    magical    lightning.    If    an    enemy    comes    within    15    feet    of    the enchanted   item,   it   will   lash   out,   striking   the   foe   and   gaining   +2   against   targets   weak   to   Electricity.   A   trapped object   can   damage   1   foe   per   round   this   way,   and   Sypha   can   enchant   up   to   5   objects   per   full   rest.   If   a   trapped object is broken or destroyed, it stops emitting lightning. Triple   Blaze:   Sypha   conjures,   and   launches,   three   magical   fireballs.   You   may   attack   up   to   3   targets   at   once   at   no   penalty with   this   ability,   getting   +2   against   enemies   weak   to   Fire   damage.   If   you   roll   a   10   on   the   attack   check,   you   may   also   inflict Burning  status. Shut this ability down after use.