RINCESS ZELD  A Once    the    ruling    princess    of    Hyrule,    Zelda’s    kingdom    has    been    divided-- physically,   and   in   other   ways.   Though   she’s   not   historically   known   for   taking matters   into   her   own   hands,   few   are   as   empowered   and   driven   to   see   Hyrule brought   back   to   its   former   glory   as   she   is.   A   caring   and   compassionate woman, she is nonetheless fiercely dedicated to restoring her kingdom. CHECKS Roll   3d10    and   take   the   highest   result   for   checks   to   tell   if   someone   is   lying   or hiding   their   intentions,   checks   that   involve   religion   or   religious   lore,   checks to    perform    music    (either    singing    or    with    an    instrument),    and    checks    to understand or interpret new languages. Roll   2d10   and   take   the   highest   result   on   attack   checks   with   a   bow   or   with magic,    defense    checks    against    magic,    checks    to    persuade    or    engage    in diplomacy, and checks to generally understand, interpret or comprehend. Roll 1d10 for anything else. XP Whenever   you   solve   a   problem   with   wisdom   and   diplomacy,   rather   than violence or villainous behavior, gain 1 XP . Whenever you make a great sacrifice, placing yourself in danger or giving up a major asset on behalf of someone else, gain 3 XP . Whenever you make a great stride toward rebuilding or strengthening Hyrule, gain 5 XP . YOU BEGIN WITH Triforce   of   Wisdom:   You   are   unaffected   by   anything   that   would   fool   your   senses.   You   can   instantly   see   through   illusions, disguises,   and   facades.   You   know   when   someone   is   concealing   their   true   form,   and   you   can   see   the   invisible.   You   are   immune   to the Blind  status effect; even without sight, you can feel. LEVEL UP CHOICES Din’s   Fire:    You   can   create   magical   fire.   You   can   choose   to   throw   a   small   fireball,   which   will   burst   into   a   more   impressive   flame upon   contact   with   an   enemy--this   use   of   the   ability   has   no   particular   limits,   aside   from   the   normal   rules   of   making   an   attack.   You can   also   manifest   a   massive   dome   of   heat   around   yourself   that   expands   outward,   hitting   every   enemy   within   50   feet   of   you   with no   penalty;   this   use   of   the   ability   may   only   be   used   once   per   full   rest.   In   either   case,   Din’s   Fire   gains   +2   on   attack   checks   against enemies weak to Fire based attacks. Dominion   Rod:   You   possess   the   Dominion   Rod,   an   ancient   device   passed   down   to   the   royal   family   by   the   Oocca.   When   the Dominion   Rod   is   pointed   at   an   any   inanimate   object   crafted   in   the   shape   of   a   living   entity   (that   is   to   say,   mostly   statues,   de- activate   robots   and   the   like),   you   can   bring   that   object   to   life.   It   becomes   a   minion   under   your   will,   operating   under   standard Follower   rules.   Objects   animated   with   the   Dominion   Rod   roll   1d10   for   every   check   except   defense   checks,   which   they   roll   2d10 for   instead.   After   you   use   this   ability,   roll   1d10;   on   a   1-5,   shut   it   down.   You   will   not   lose   control   of   any   objects   you   have   animated until   you   take   a   full   rest   OR   until   you   choose   to   relinquish   your   control,   whichever   comes   first--at   which   point   they   return   to being normal objects. Farore’s   Wind:   You   can   create   a   magical   warp   point   as   a   side   action.   It   manifests   as   a   green   glow,   projecting   from   the   floor.   You can,   as   a   main   action,   take   yourself   and   any   willing   allies   you   are   in   physical   contact   with   back   to   this   warp   point,   all   of   you vanishing   in   a   bright   green   flash.   You   may   only   have   one   warp   point   active   at   a   time,   but   you   can   choose   to   assign   a   new   warp point whenever you like. Light   Arrows:   When   you   fire   a   bow,   you   may   imbue   your   ammunition   with   the   power   of   light.   The   arrow   becomes   holy,   gaining +2   on   the   attack   check   against   undead,   demons,   and   those   with   pure   evil   in   their   hearts.   You   can   instinctively   tell   if   an   enemy possesses   one   of   these   qualities.   Your   Light   Arrows   can   curve   in   mid-air,   striking   up   to   3   targets   with   one   main   action   at   no penalty,   as   long   as   they   all   have   one   of   these   qualities.   When   you   use   this   aspect   of   your   Light   Arrows,   roll   1d10;   on   a   1-5,   shut down your arrows’ ability to strike multiple targets in this fashion. Nayru’s   Love:   You   can   create   a   magical   barrier   around   yourself   or   an   ally   you   can   see   as   a   side   action.   A   semi-transparent   blue crystal   forms   around   the   target,   which   can   absorb   up   to   5   damage   before   shattering.   When   it   shatters,   any   enemies   within   10 feet   of   the   shielded   character   automatically   take   1   damage.   You   may   only   have   one   instance   of   Nayru’s   Love   active   at   a   time. After you conjure one of these crystals, roll 1d10; on a 1-5, shut this ability down. Songs   of   Goddesses:   Whenever   you   take   a   full   rest   somewhere,   you   may   compose   a   song   about   that   location.   Whenever   this song is performed as a main action--by you, or anyone--the performer is teleported there. Telepathy:   You   are   able   to   communicate   with   your   allies   through   the   power   of   your   mind.   You   can   deliver   messages,   and   those you   are   sharing   a   link   with   can   communicate   back.   You   can   maintain   a   telepathic   connection   with   multiple   people   at   once, allowing   them   to   speak   with   each   other   through   you.   Your   telepathy   works   over   any   distance,   and   you   can   connect   this   way   to anyone as long as you’ve met them at some point.