ARIO SERIES ENEMIE  S This is a list of enemies, hazards, and other threats from the Super Mario Bros series. BOO Health: 08 Attack: 05 Defense: 05 Class: Undead These    small,    spherical    ghosts    prefer    to    haunt    old,    abandoned    areas.    They    can    become incorporeal   at   will,   and   often   do   so   to   try   and   avoid   attacks,   or   simply   to   phase   through   walls and   other   obstacles.   They   attack   with   their   large   mouths   and   sharp   teeth,   biting   enemies   they can   get   close   enough   to.   If   they   successfully   deal   damage   they   inflict   Fear    status,   and   are immune   to   Fear   themselves.   Boos   are   shy,   and   will   cover   their   faces   and   turn   incorporeal instinctively   if   faced   directly--they   usually   wait   until   a   foe   is   turned   away   and   unaware   before   they   strike.   Thus,   fighting   them   can be difficult--indirect or tricky attacks work best for catching the ghosts off guard. DRY BONES Health: 09 Attack: 04 Defense: 06 Class: Undead Koopa   Troopers   raised   from   the   dead   as   immortal   skeletons   via   necromancy,   Dry   Bones   are often   left   to   patrol   old   Koopa   Kingdom   dungeons   and   the   like.   They   are   immune   to   Fire   based attacks     and    all    status    effects ,    as    mindless    skeletons.    After    being    struck    down    they    will collapse   into   a   pile   of   bones;   within   the   next   10   seconds,   those   bones   will   be   magically   drawn to   one   another,   and   the   Dry   Bones   will   reassemble   itself   at   full   health.   If   a   side   action   isn’t taken   to   keep   the   bones   apart   (putting   them   in   separate   containers,   for   instance),   then   the   Dry Bones   is   effectively   unkillable.   Dry   Bones   prefer   to   attack   with   their   teeth   and   hands,   but   can also   conjure   bones   to   hurl   at   foes   if   forced   to   do   combat   from   a   distance.   They   are   simple creatures   that   attack   anything   on   sight,   and   will   only   follow   the   most   basic   of   orders   from   their masters. MAGIKOOPA Health: 12 Attack: 07 Defense: 02 Class: Reptile Once   spellcasters   working   for   the   Koopa   Kingdom,   many   Magikoopas   have   gone rogue   and   found   other   employers   since   the   Great   Collide.   They   launch   a   slew   of blasts   that   resemble   colorful,   spinning   shapes   from   their   wands,   which   are   generic and   unelemented   energy.   More   advanced   Magikoopas   may   have   more   advanced spells    at    their    disposal--launching    blasts    of    ice    or    fire,    or    using    necromancy    to summon   Dry   Bones.   An   amateur   just   picking   their   wand   up   will   struggle   to   do   more than the normal, untyped wand blasts, however. PIRANHA PLANT Health: 15 Attack: 06 Defense: 03 Class: Plant These   sharp-toothed   man-eating   plants   often   sprout   out   of   pipes,   but   can   also   grow   wild   among   other plants,   or   even   pop   out   of   old   floorboards   and   walls   in   unkempt   urban   areas.   They   prefer   to   attack   by stretching   their   vines   and   biting   down   with   their   powerful   jaws,   but   some   Piranha   Plants   can   spew fireballs,    thick    ink    that    inflicts    Blind     status,    or    toxic    gunk    which    inflicts    Poison     status    if    it    deals damage.   If   injured   badly   enough,   many   Piranha   Plants   will   prefer   to   retreat   back   into   their   pipe   or hole, rather than face death. Piranha Plants are weak to Fire and Cold based attacks. SUMO BRO Health: 16 Attack: 05 Defense: 05 Class: Humanoid Bulky,   powerful   Koopas   that   have   trained   in   a   particular fighting   style,   Sumo   Bros   are   incredibly   strong   and   very physically    resilient.    In    melee,    they    attack    with    palm strikes   and   grapples,   and   are   difficult   to   move.   Though slow    themselves,    they    can    also    stomp    the    ground, causing    a    ranged    eruption    of    flames    that    can    hit multiple   characters   at   a   time   (if   they’re   relatively   close together).   Sumo   Bros   are   immune   to   Fire   based   damage and extreme heat.