ARVEL COMICS ENEMIE  S This is a list of enemies, hazards, and other threats from Marvel Comics. COMMON CRIMINAL Health: 04 Attack: 04 Defense: 02 Class: Humanoid There   are   robots,   there   are   undead,   there   are   aliens,   and   then   there’s…   these   guys.   Regular,   run   of   the   mill   criminals.   Many factors   can   lead   to   a   normal   person   taking   up   a   life   of   crime,   and   in   major   cities   like   New   York,   there’s   no   shortage   of   individuals seeking   to   make   money   by   dubious   means.   Most   criminals   stick   to   robbing   banks   or   holding   up   convenience   stores,   those   a   few wind   up   working   for   more   dangerous   supervillains.   The   average   criminal   carries   a   handgun   or   shotgun,   maybe   a   knife   for backup,   though   criminals   under   the   care   of   someone   with   better   resources   maybe   better   equipped,   as   well.   Masked   goons   with machineguns or laser weapons aren’t unheard of. HAND NINJA Health: 06 Attack: 07 Defense: 07 Class: Humanoid The   Hand   is   an   ancient   and   mystical   clan   of   ninjas,   mostly tied   to   organized   crime   and   mercenary   work.   They   often operate   from   the   shadows,   pulling   strings   from   behind   the scenes,   using   deception   and   manipulation   tactics   to   gain control   over   a   city.   They’re   also   well   versed   in   the   occult, said   to   have   the   power   to   bring   the   dead   back   to   life.   Most of   them   are   brainwashed,   magically   programmed   to   have absolute   loyalty   to   the   Hand   and   no   identity   of   their   own.   They   also   tend   to   work   in   extremely   large   numbers--if   you   encounter one   or   two   members   of   the   Hand,   there   are   surely   hundreds   working   elsewhere.   Hand   Ninjas   wield   stereotypical   ninjutsu weaponry--katanas,   nunchaku,   throwing   stars   and   the   like.   They   can   run   straight   up   vertical   walls   or   across   liquid   surfaces,   they can   move   with   absolute   silence,   and   they   can   seem   to   disappear   into   the   shadows.   They   often   coat   their   blades   with   toxins, causing   their   attacks   to   inflict   Poison   status.   Though   the   frontline   grunts   don’t   know   much   in   the   way   of   magic,   they   sometimes carry   smoke   bombs   or   other   implements   to   inflict   Blind    with.   The   Hand   themselves   can   fight   perfectly   fine   without   sight,   so   they aren’t inhibited by smoke, or by attacking from ambush in the dark--they are immune to Blind . HYDRA AGENT Health: 06 Attack: 06 Defense: 03 Class: Humanoid Hydra   is   a   worldwide   terrorist   organization,   most   notable   for   having   aided   the   Nazis   in World     War     II.     They’ve     since     then     splintered     into     numerous     factions     and     sub- organizations,   but   are   nonetheless   still   very   dangerous   and   very   determined   to   conquer the   world--regardless   of   what   the   world   may   be   at   this   particular   moment.   Hydra   is equipped    with    advanced    alien    technology,    including    force    blasters    and    experimental devices,    in    addition    to    more    conventional    modern    military    vehicles.    Hydra’s    strange weapons   can   sometimes   inflict   status   effects,   such   as   Rage   or   Fear --they’re   especially fond   of   mind-influencing   technology,   and   have   tried   to   conquer   through   mind   control   on numerous   occasions.   Agents   of   Hydra   are   considered   pure   evil   entities   for   the   purpose   of abilities that rely on it. SENTINEL Health: 25 Attack: 05 Defense: 04 Class: Automaton Originally    designed    by    Bolivar    Trask,    Sentinels    are    20    foot    tall    robots    built    to    hunt mutants.   While   most   Sentinels   have   only   a   limited   AI,   a   few   have   had   their   computing processes   reach   self   awareness,   which   typically   ends   in   disaster.   Self   aware   Sentinels   in the   past   have   reasoned   that   the   best   way   to   protect   humankind   is   to   control   it,   and   this thought   process   quickly   spreads   to   the   lesser   Sentinels.   Sentinels   in   the   world   post-Great Collide    have    difficulty    differentiating    between    humans    with    genetic    mutations,    and aberrations   with   human   DNA;   without   access   to   their   old   database,   they   will   quickly   take to   assaulting   anything   that   doesn’t   read   as   pure   human.   Most   Sentinels   are   equipped with   laser   weapons,   restraining   devices   (such   as   prehensile   metal   cables),   and   the   ability to   detect   mutations   in   living   beings   from   a   great   distance.   Many   were   equipped   with flight,   but   this   function   hasn’t   made   it   across   the   divide   very   consistently.   Though   slow and   cumbersome,   they   are   heavily   armored   and   incredibly   persistent.   As   giant   robots, Sentinels   are   immune   to   Blind,   Fear,   Rage,    and   other   mental-affecting   status   ailments or   psychic   intrusions.   They   do   not   need   to   breathe,   eat,   drink,   or   sleep,   and   their   sensor   arrays   can   see   through   illusions.   They have incredible physical strength, but they are weak to Electric  based attacks. SKRULL Health: 10 Attack: 06 Defense: 05 Class: Humanoid The    Skrull    are    an    extraterrestrial    race    of    green-skinned    shapeshifters. Though   mostly   enemies   of   another   alien   race,   the   Kree,   the   Skrulls   have   on numerous   occasions   infiltrated   and   attempted   to   conquer   Earth.   They’re incredibly    malleable,    able    to    shift    their    shapes    and    colors    at    will.    In addition   to   this   making   them   incredibly   accurate   shapeshifters,   it   lets   them transform   their   limbs   into   blades,   hammers,   and   other   weaponry.   A   few elite    Skrulls    are    augmented    even    further,    granting    them    powers    in imitation of foes the species has encountered previously.