OKEMON ENEMIE  S This is a list of enemies, hazards, and other threats from the Pokemon series. ABOMASNOW Health: 25 Attack: 05 Defense: 05 Class: Humanoid / Plant These   shaggy,   white   furred   monsters   stand   a   minimum   of   7   feet   tall,   with hints   of   dark   green   foliage.   They   typically   stick   to   snowy   mountains,   only emerging     when     the     flowers     bloom.     Once     the     season     passes,     an Abomasnow    will    retreat    back    into    isolation.    Even    in    areas    that    aren’t naturally   cold,   an   Abomasnow   can   conjure   massive   blizzards   centered   on itself;   a   character   trapped   in   such   a   blizzard   is   subjected   to   the   conditions   of extreme   cold .   In   combat,   an   Abomasnow   can   discard   razor-edged   leaves and   send   them   soaring   at   foes   on   strong   winds,   conjure   icy   shards   and   hurl them    at    opponents,    or    blow    strong,    powdery    arctic    winds    that    inflict Freezing     status    if    they    deal    damage.    Abomasnows    are    also    incredibly strong   physically,   and   can   easily   break   a   tree   in   half   with   a   swing   of   their huge   arms.   While   Abomasnow   are   weak   to   Fire   based   damage,   the   loud, surging    winds    that    whip    around    them    render    them    immune    to    sound- based attacks, such as sonic blasts or magical songs. JOLTIK Health: 01 Attack: 03 Defense: 05 Class: Bug Though   this   fluffy   spider   is   one   of   the   smallest   Pokemon   at   about   4   inches   tall,   Joltik   can still   be   a   real   pain.   It’s   too   small   to   make   its   own   electricity,   but   they   like   to   attach themselves   to   bigger   creatures   and   feed   off   their   static.   It   stores   this   energy   in   a   pouch on   its   body,   and   can   discharge   this   electricity   in   a   massive   burst   centered   on   itself   if   it feels   threatened.   They   also   like   to   build   webs,   which   can   deal   Electric   based   damage   to anyone   that   wanders   through   them   (treat   it   as   an   attack   from   the   Joltik   that   doesn’t   use up   its   turn).   A   bite   from   a   Joltik   might   not   hurt   much,   but   if   it   actually   manages   to   deal damage,   it   afflicts   the   victim   with   System   Shock   status.   Joltik   are   weak   to   Fire   based attacks. MANKEY Health: 05 Attack: 06 Defense: 04 Class: Animal A   Fighting-type   Pokemon,   Mankey   are   extremely   quick   to   anger,   and   will   fight   at   the slightest   provocation.   Most   Mankeys   becoming   inflicted   with   Rage    status   as   soon   as they    see    another    living    creature.    They    live    in    tree-top    colonies,    but    a    tribe    of Mankeys   will   often   brawl   with   each   other   for   no   particular   reason,   fighting   until   they wear   themselves   out.   Aside   from   attacking   with   kicks,   swipes,   and   karate   chops,   a   Mankey   can   also   drive   its   opponents    into    Rage status.   A   Mankey   will   typically   only   do   this   once   per   fight,   trying   to   goad   a   target   into   a   tantrum   instead   of   attacking;   treat   this   as an attack check, but inflict the status if it’s not defended against entirely, instead of actually dealing damage. SALAMENCE Health: 30 Attack: 08 Defense: 04 Class: Dragon Salamence   is   a   large,   quadreped   Dragon/Flying   type   Pokemon.   They absolutely    love    flying,    and    it’s    all    the    Pokemon    dreamed    about before   evolving   to   have   wings.   They   frequently   fly   all   day,   soaring through   the   air   until   they   tire   themselves   out.   If   enraged,   however,   a Salamence   becomes   uncontrollable--spewing   great   gouts   of   fire   and destroying   everything   in   sight.   Aside   from   being   able   to   breathe   fire (which   deals   Fire   based   damage   and   inflicts   Burning ),   the   strong bite    of    a    Salamence    is    able    to    inflict    System    Shock     if    it    does damage,   and   they   have   a   pronounced   aura   of   intimidation.   Anyone entering    the    zone    within    50    feet    of    a    Salamence    must    make    a defense   check   (difficulty   of   7),   or   be   inflicted   with   Fear    status.   A Salamence is weak to Cold based damage. TREVENANT Health: 18 Attack: 05 Defense: 05 Class: Plant/Undead Resembling   a   terrifying   tree,   a   Trevenant   can   walk   on   its   roots--or   plant them,   using   them   like   a   nervous   system   to   control   other   trees   in   the area.   It’s   been   said   to   use   this   power   to   trap   those   that   are   a   threat   to the   forest,   preventing   them   from   ever   leaving.   In   battle,   a   Trevenant   is likely   to   attack   with   its   claws   if   the   target   is   close   enough,   but   it   can   also manifest   shadowy   claws   or   spikes   to   attack   from   a   distance.   It   can   make itself    grow,    almost    doubling    its    already    impressive    size    if    it    feels threatened;    the    first    time    a    Trevenant    does    this    in    battle,    everyone present   must   make   a   defense   check   or   be   affected   with   Fear    status.   Its most   intimidating   power   is   that   of   the   Forest’s   Curse,   which   it   can   inflict on   anyone   within   its   forest.   The   target   slowly   turns   into   a   plant,   their skin   turning   green   and   their   feet   rooting   to   the   ground.   They   can   still   act as   normal,   but   are   unable   to   move   from   their   spot.   If   left   like   this   for   a day   or   more,   the   person   becomes   a   plant   entirely,   no   longer   sentient. The   effects   of   Forest’s   Curse   are   reversed   if   the   Trevenant   is   slain,   and   it can   only   use   Forest’s   Curse   on   one   target   a   day.   Trevenant   is   weak   to both   Fire   and   Cold   based   attacks,   but   will   naturally   cure   itself   of   any status effects put upon it at the start of its turn. WEEZING Health: 15 Attack: 05 Defense: 05 Class: ???? A   floating   series   of   globular   heads   fused   together.   Each   of   Weezing’s   heads contains   a   different   type   of   toxin;   it   mixes   its   gases   by   inflating   one   head   and deflating   the   other.   It   is   a   putrid   and   foul   Pokemon,   and   just   being   around   it   is   a test   of   endurance--despite   that,   the   unique   toxins   contained   in   a   Weezing   have been   diluted   and   modified   in   the   past   to   make   expensive   perfumes.   Weezings are   usually   found   at   industrial   sites   or   garbage   dumps,   where   they   feed   on   the fumes,   though   they’ll   sometimes   settle   for   garbage-filled   homes   or   sewers.   They can   attack   with   sprays   of   noxious,   burning   vapor,   or   simply   eject   toxic   sludge from   their   mass.   The   air   within   50   feet   of   a   Weezing   is   a   violet   to   black   cloud, inflicting   both   Poison    and   Blind   on   those   who   enter   it.   They’ve   also   been   known to   explode   upon   death,   their   various   toxins   making   them   volatile;   if   this   occurs, it    makes    one    last    attack    check    against    anyone    in    the    vicinity.    Weezing    are immune to Poison  status themselves.