EGEND OF ZELDA ENEMIE  S This is a list of enemies, hazards, and other threats from the Legend of Zelda games. BLADE TRAP Class: Trap Large,    metal    mechanisms    with    protruding    spikes,    Blade    Traps    are    often    found    in    old dungeons.   Most   lie   dormant,   waiting   in   the   dark   until   someone   crosses   their   path--at   which point   they   launch   forward,   aiming   to   shove   their   spikes   into   the   unaware   intruder.   Other Blade   Traps   operate   on   a   set   path,   and   will   revolve   around   a   key   object,   switch,   or   just   the outskirts   of   a   room.   Blade   Traps   are   nigh   indestructable,   but   their   internal   workings   can   be sabotaged   (usually   a   difficulty   of   7),   or   they   can   be   physically   stopped   by   sliding   something heavy   in   their   path.   As   they   are   utterly   silent   but   very   dangerous   in   appearance,   the   difficulty   for   noticing   a   Blade   Trap   before   it becomes active is a 5. Once active, a Blade Trap basically makes an attack check with an Attack Score of 10. BOKOBLIN Health: 03 Attack: 04 Defense: 03 Class: Humanoid Bipedal   goblin-like   people,   Bokoblins   are   short,   weak,   and   incredibly   dumb. They’re   often   bullied   around   in   groups   by   larger   creatures   such   as   Moblins. They   carry   incredibly   primitive   equipment--sharpened   sticks,   carved   clubs, slabs   of   wood   for   “shields,”   and   so   on.   They’ll   make   weapons   out   of   stronger material,    like    dragon    bone,    if    they    can    get    a    hold    of    it.    Bokoblin    are omniverous,   and   will   eat   literally   anything.   They   can   organize   well   enough   to hunt   or   attack   travelers,   though   they   rarely   do   so   without   being   prompted   by a leader of some kind. BUBBLE Health: 03 Attack: 04 Defense: 05 Class: Undead These   flying   skulls,   sheathed   in   a   ghostly   blue   flame,   are   fairly   unimpressive   at first   glance.   However,   their   flames   bear   a   terrible   curse.   If   a   character   is   dealt damage   by   a   Bubble,   the   character   is   inflicted   with   Silence --unable   to   access magical   and   mystical   abilities   or   properties   they   normally   have   access   to.   There   have   been   many   different   entities   conjured throughout   time   with   the   same   name   and   description   as   this   one,   many   with   vastly   different   properties;   why   this   iteration   seems more   prominent   after   the   Great   Collide   is   unknown.   Bubbles   normally   flock   together,   sometimes   in   the   company   of   bigger,   more dangerous monsters. Bubbles are immune to Poison . DARKNUT Health: 21 Attack: 05 Defense: 06 Class: Automaton/Undead Darknuts   are   large   suits   of   armor,   standing   well   over   seven   feet   tall,   with   big shields   and   huge   swords   to   match.   They’re   often   posted   as   sentries   in   old dungeons   and   abandoned   castles,   where   they   can   patrol   for   centuries.   They are   incredibly   skilled   fighters,   presumably   carrying   the   knowledge   of   ancient warriors--however,   the   exact   mechanism   by   which   a   Darknut   is   animated   is lost   to   time.   Their   swords   are   large   enough   to   hit   two   people   per   turn,   as long   as   both   are   in   melee   range   with   the   Darknut.   As   it   takes   damage,   its armor    slowly    breaks    apart    and    falls    off,    revealing    lighter    chain    armor underneath.   At   7   or   less   HP,   the   Darknut’s   smaller   form   is   revealed--at   which point,    it    will    switch    to    a    smaller    longsword    and    abandon    the    shield.    Its defense   score   drops   to   4   in   this   state,   but   its   attack   score   increases   to   7,   and it    begins    to    attack    3    people    per    turn.    They    often    carry    keys    inside    their bodies,    or    their    existence    is    intrinsically    linked    to    the    doors    they    guard. Darknuts are immune to Blind , Poison, Charm, and  Fear . DEKU SCRUB Health: 03 Attack: 04 Defense: 02 Class: Humanoid/Plant Short   creatures   made   of   wood   and   leaves,   most   Deku   are   fairly amicable.     Some     live     in     small     societies     with     their     own governments,   while   others   strike   out   on   their   own   as   traveling businessmen   or,   more   rarely,   adventurers.   Deku   in   general   are happy   to   meet   polite   and   intelligent   members   of   other   species. Deku   have   several   odd   abilities,   such   as   being   able   to   launch nuts   out   of   their   mouths,   and   being   able   to   sprout   propeller-like growths    to    fly    (less    than    gracefully,    but    still).    For    reasons unknown,   though,   some   Deku   lose   their   minds.   Mad   Scrubs   are   weak   but   nonetheless   very   hostile,   often   hiding   and   waiting   to ambush   passersby.   They   ramble   on,   speaking   nonsense,   and   will   flee   if   they   realize   they’re   outmatched.   Being   mostly   made   of what they are, Deku are weak to both Cold and Fire based damage, as well as anything poisonous. LEEVER Health: 10 Attack: 05 Defense: 02 Class: Plant These   big   monsters   burrow   beneath   sand   or   gravel,   preferring   beaches,   deserts,   and other   hot   climates.   When   they   detect   vibrations   on   the   surface   they   rise,   bursting   out of   the   ground   and   trying   to   sink   their   needle-like   teeth   into   whatever   they   sensed.   They can   survive   for   months   without   food,   often   going   into   hybernation   if   nothing   crosses their   territory.   When   one   is   woken   up,   however,   it   will   often   signal   more   of   its   kind   to spring   into   action   with   it.   Though   no   one’s   been   able   to   really   dig   into   the   biology   of one,   those   that   have   gotten   close   enough   and   lived   claim   Leevers   are   some   sort   of monstrous   cacti   or   other   plant.   Because   they   sense   through   vibrations   in   the   ground, Leevers are immune to Blind . LIZALFOS Health: 12 Attack: 06 Defense: 04 Class: Humanoid/Reptile Primitive     bipedal     lizards,     Lizalfos     form     crude     warbands     out     in     the wildnerness.   Though   some   take   whatever   weapons   they   can   by   force,   Lizalfos are   also   known   to   craft   their   own   strange   armaments--like   spears   with   jagged ends   for   ripping   and   tearing,   bladed   boomerangs,   and   crude   bows.   They   can also   lash   out   with   their   tongues,   often   snatching   the   weapon   from   a   foe’s hands.    Some    look    more    like    traditional    lizards,    while    others    are    more chameleon-like     and     capable     of     rendering     themselves     invisible.     These different   sub-races   of   Lizalfos   inherently   despise   each   other,   and   will   fight   on sight,   with   the   chameleon   variant   being   more   sly   and   sneaky   than   its   meaner, more   barbaric   cousin.   Most   Lizalfos   are   green   in   hue,   but   one   should   be cautious   around   those   of   other   colors.   Red   Lizalfos   can   breathe   fire   that inflicts   Burning,    Blue   Lizalfos   can   breathe   cold   air   that   inflicts   Freezing ;   these   varieties   are   weak   to   attacks   of   their   opposing element.   Yellow   Lizalfos   can   generate   electricity   from   their   bodies,   attacking   anyone   in   melee   range   with   them   simultaneously; these Lizalfos have no particular weakness, and prefer desert environments. REDEAD Health: 10 Attack: 08 Defense: 01 Class: Undead Resembling   dessicated   corpses,   ReDead   are   slow,   awkward   creatures,   often   standing   in the   same   spot   and   staring   into   space   for   days   at   a   time.   They   can   barely   manage   to defend   themselves.   However,   a   ReDead   has   one…   specific    power   at   its   disposal   that makes   them   absolutely   terrifying.   Anyone   a   ReDead   looks   upon   is   unable   to   move.   The victim   stops   in   place,   locking   up,   forced   to   wait   for   the   ReDead   to   slowly   wander   over.   A ReDead   can   only   stare   down   one   target   at   a   time   like   this,   but   upon   sighting   prey,   will elicit   a   horrific   scream.   Everyone   that   can   hear   it   must   make   a   defense   check   (or   one   of willpower,   difficulty   8)   or   be   inflicted   with   Fear   status.   Once   the   ReDead   reaches   its victim,   it   will   grab   onto   them,   keeping   its   freezing   gaze   locked   on   while   it   drains   the   life out   of   the   victim’s   body.   Hylian   dungeon   delvers   usually   try   to   sneak   past   ReDeads, rather   than   fighting   them   directly.   ReDeads   themselves   lock   up   if   exposed   to   sunlight-- they’re completely stunned by it. ReDeads are immune to Poison  and Charm . STONE STATUE Class: Trap Defensive    statues    of    unknown    origin,    they    tend    to    populate    ancient    dungeons    and    subterranean labyrinths.   They’re   usually   crafted   to   fit   the   motif   or   aesthetic   of   the   dungeon   they’re   built   in,   and surrounded   with   perfectly   normal,   harmless   statues   identical   in   appearance.   This   statue,   however,   is not   harmless--for   they   are   rigged   to   launch   fireballs,   laser   beams,   or   other   energy-based   threats   as   an interloper   draws   near.   Stone   Statues   are   sometimes   part   of   more   elaborate   traps;   the   doors   to   the room   will   all   slam   shut,   monsters   will   appear,   and   only   when   said   monsters   are   slain   will   the   doors   open and   the   statues   stop   firing.   The   Statue   itself   is   indestructible,   and   not   even   alive--while   they   sometimes have   “eyes”   that   follow   the   intruder,   they’re   purely   for   appearances,   and   the   Stone   Statue   is   just   a   weapon.   At   the   end   of   each round, a Stone Statue will make an attack against whichever unwanted individual is closest, with an Attack Score of 6.