TATUS EFFECT  S ARMOR BREAK Armor   Break   is   a   slightly   unusual   status   effect-- usually   physical--that   cripples   an   individual’s   ability   to   defend   themselves.   Due   to the   open   ended   nature   of   it,   it   can   represent   different   things   depending   on   the   source.   It   may   be   a   psychic   intrusion   that   reduces the   person’s   survival   instincts,   or   it   may   be   literally   broken   armor.   If   a   player   character   is   inflicted   with   Armor   Break,   they   take   -2 on   all   defense   checks   until   the   end   of   combat.   If   an   enemy   or   NPC   is   affected   by   it,   their   Defense   Score   is   reduced   by   2   until   the end of combat. BLIND Incredibly   bright   lights,   smoke   grenades,   ink   in   the   eyes,   or   just   regular   old   darkness   can   inflict   Blindness   on   a   character.   Blinded characters   cannot   see   well,   which--in   addition   to   inhibiting   movement   and   any   actions   that   require   sight--reduces   one’s   ability   to hit   a   target,   forcing   them   to   rely   on   sound   or   other   senses.   A   character   inflicted   with   Blind   takes   -3   on   all   attack   checks;   a   DM controlled   enemy   has   their   Attack   Score   reduced   by   3.   Blindness   can   be   cured   with   just   a   main   action   taken   to   let   the   eyes adjust,   wipe   away   the   sludge,   etc.,   unless   there’s   an   ongoing   source   of   the   status   effect   (smoke,   darkness,   so   on)…   in   which   case, that source must be removed to deal with the Blind. BURNING A   character   exposed   to   extreme   heat   for   an   extended   period   of   time   will   begin   to   take   damage,   and   be   inflicted   with   Burning. Certain   Fire-based   abilities   or   creatures   can   also   inflict   Burning   status.   A   character   with   Burning   status   takes   1   damage   every round,   automatically,   at   the   start   of   their   turn.   This   damage   cannot   be   raised   or   lowered;   it   is   a   flat,   undefended   1   damage. Burning   lasts   until   the   end   of   combat,   or   for   1   minute   if   out   of   combat   (for   a   total   of   6   damage).   Burning   can   also   be   removed   by full exposure to water (that is, soaking the entire body) as a side action, and with certain abilities. CHALLENGE Standing   on   the   other   side   of   the   coin   from   Charmed   status,   a   Challenged   target   cannot   make   any   attacks   that   do   not   include the   individual   that   Challenged   them.   They   are   driven--possibly   by   some   sort   of   forced   sense   of   honor,   maybe   just   by   a   newfound hatred   or   aggression--to   attack   only   the   one   that   inflicted   the   status.   Challenged   status   is   broken   if   the   challenger   (that   is,   the source   of   the   status)   breaks   off   the   duel   by   attacking   someone   else;   for   this   reason,   it’s   difficult   to   keep   more   than   one   foe Challenged   at   a   time.   An   individual   can   only   be   Challenged   by   one   opponent   at   a   time;   attempts   to   inflict   Challenged   via   a   new source   automatically   fail.   Challenged   is   a   purely   mental   effect,   and   anything   that   stops   mind-influencing   abilities   or   status   effects will also prevent Challenged. Challenged wears off at the end of combat, or if the one who gave the status is knocked out. CHARM Acting   as   a   sort   of   opposite   or   antithesis   to   Challenged   status,   a   Charmed   target   cannot   make   any   attacks   that   include   the individual   that   Charmed   them.   The   inflicted   is   smitten,   attracted   to,   or   otherwise   apprehensive   about   hurting   whoever   gave them   the   status;   try   as   they   might,   they   cannot   bring   themselves   to   deal   them   harm.   Charm   status   is   broken   if   the   charmer   (that is,   the   source   of   the   status)   makes   any   attempt   to   deal   damage   to   the   Charmed.   An   individual--be   they   character   or   NPC--can only   be   affected   by   Charm   from   one   source   at   a   time;   new   attempts   at   the   status   simply   fail.   Charm   is   a   purely   mental   effect,   and anything   that   stops   mind-influencing   abilities   or   status   effects   will   also   prevent   Charm.   Charm   wears   off   at   the   end   of   combat,   or if the one who gave the status is knocked out. FEAR Fear   is   a   status   effect   of   the   mind,   provoking   an   irrational   response   from   the   victim.   A   character   afflicted   with   Fear   cannot   take main   actions   while   within   50   feet   of   a   hostile   or   aggressive   foe,   and   cannot   take   any   side   actions   that   do   not   directly   lead   to escaping   hostile   or   aggressive   foes   until   they   are   at   that   safe   distance.   If   the   character   is   at   least   50   feet   away   from   any   and   all enemies,   they   can   take   actions   as   normal,   and   can   attack   foes   from   a   distance--they   just   can’t   enter   that   “danger   zone”   without becoming limited again. Resting for a few uninterrupted minutes, with no threat or danger present, will remove Fear status. FREEZING A   character   exposed   to   extreme   cold   for   an   extended   period   of   time   starts   to   take   damage,   and   is   inflicted   with   the   status   effect Freezing.   Freezing   can   also   be   inflicted   by   certain   abilities   and   enemies.   A   character   affected   by   Freezing   status   is   steadily becoming   frozen   solid,   but   isn’t   quite   there   yet.   The   victim’s   movements   are   limited   to   about   15   feet   per   round,   and   they   take   -1 on   all   attack   and   defense   checks   due   to   their   slowed   movement.   For   enemies   and   NPCs,   the   same   movement   penalty   applies, and   their   Attack   Score   and   Defense   Score   are   reduced   by   1.   If   an   individual   with   Freezing   status   is   dropped   to   0   HP   by   either   cold environment   or   a   Cold-based   attack,   they   become   frozen   solid.   Freezing   can   be   naturally   cured   by   staying   in   a   sufficiently   warm environment   for   a   while,   or   hanging   out   near   a   source   of   heat   (like   a   campfire   or   stove).   Note   that   being   immune   to   the   effects   of extreme   cold   does   not    make   you   immune   to   Freezing   status--you   can   still   receive   it   from   abilities   that   inflict   it,   though   you   won’t get it from the environment anymore. HASTE A   benevolent   status   effect,   Haste   causes   an   individual   to   move   faster.   In   the   short   term,   it   can   represent   rocket   thrusters   or   a time-altering   spell;   in   the   long   term,   it   may   just   mean   that   the   individual   is   very,   very   fast.   A   character   with   Haste   can   run   about as   quickly   as   a   car   (somewhere   in   the   50-80   mph   range)   when   not   engaging   foes   in   combat,   and   can   move   an   additional   20   feet per   turn   while   in   combat.   Haste’s   duration   varies   depending   on   its   source;   some   abilities   grant   Haste   for   a   set   number   of   rounds, some only grant it for one, and many characters have a permanent or automatic Haste effect. INVISIBLE Invisible   is   a   beneficial   status   effect,   in   which   the   individual   disappears   from   sight   entirely--or   at   least,   leaves   only   the   faintest hint   of   their   presence,   easily   unnoticed.   When   a   character   that’s   been   rendered   Invisible   makes   a   check   for   stealth,   to   hide,   or   to otherwise   blend   in   with   the   environment,   they   may   roll   3d10   and   take   the   highest   outcome.   All   attack   checks   made   against   an Invisible   target   are   treated   as   though   the   attacker   were   Blind,   taking   a   -3   on   the   attack   check   or   having   their   Attack   Score reduced   by   3,   respectively.   Invisible   is   fairly   unusual,   sometimes   granted   by   technological   marvels   or   very   particular   spells.   How long someone stays Invisible varies from ability to ability, and should be stated in the ability’s description. POISON Though   there   are   many   variants   of   Poison   (fear   toxin,   T-Virus,   etc),   most   uses   of   the   status   effect   apply   a   generic   Poison   effect.   A Poisoned   character   automatically   takes   1   damage   any   time   they   take   a   main   action.   This   damage   is   not   influenced   by   a   defense check   or   any   other   score--it   is   simply   1   damage,   period,   per   main   action.   Poison   is   long   lasting   and   hard   to   get   rid   of--not   even   a full rest will remove Poison status. Only the specific use of abilities or antidote-style items will take care of Poison. RAGE Rage   is   a   mind   affecting   status   effect   that   turns   the   victim   into   a   mindless   berserker.   A   character   inflicted   with   Rage   cannot   use any   abilities,   or   take   any   actions,   that   do   not   directly   lead   to   or   involve   attacking   the   nearest   available   enemy.   The   character   may not   heal,   support,   buff,   or   even   move   if   that   movement   doesn’t   take   them   straight   to   their   next   target.   Rage   status   wears   off once there are no longer any enemies available to attack. SILENCE Silence   can   be   inflicted   in   a   number   of   ways,   though   it’s   fairly   unusual   compared   to   other   status   effects.   A   silenced   individual   is rendered   mute;   they   cannot   speak,   nor   make   any   sort   of   noises   with   their   mouth,   speakers,   or   whatever   they   normally   use   to communicate.   Silenced   characters   cannot   even   communicate   telepathically,   if   they   could   normally.   Further,   Silence   has   an   odd property   owed   to   the   physics   of   a   few   previous   worlds--a   Silenced   individual   cannot   access   magic.   Any   abilities,   equipment,   or attacks   they   have   that   rely   on   magic,   chi,   or   similar   mystical   power   no   longer   function,   not   until   the   Silence   is   resolved.   Silence goes away after a full rest. SYSTEM SHOCK Mostly   acquired   via   electrical   disturbance   and   the   like,   a   System   Shocked   individual   begins   producing   a   sort   of   localized   primitive physics/static   field   combination   that   disrupts   high   technology.   It’s   more   than   just   electricity,   however,   as   System   Shock   can interrupt    futuristic    tech    that    has    no    electronic    involvement--it    prevents    the    use    of    any    abilities    or    items    that    are    more technologically   advanced   than   real   life   modern   standards,   as   well   anything   that   utilizes   electricity   or   electronics.   A   normal handgun   or   a   magic   wand   are   unaffected,   but   a   pulse   rifle,   a   power   drill,   or   something   like   Spider-Man’s   web   shooters   cease   to work   for   the   affected   target.   Items   near    the   afflicted   are   fine--it’s   only   when   the   afflicted   tries   to   use   the   item   themselves   that   it fails.   In   short,   someone   with   System   Shock   can’t   use   electronic,   electrical,   or   high   tech   devices   or   abilities.   System   Shock   goes away with a full rest. TRANSFORMED The   status   effect   Transformed   actually   covers   a   wide   array   of   different   effects,   which   are   all   specific   to   the   form   forced. Transformed   is   almost   always   inflicted   by   magical   means.   A   person   Transformed   into   a   scarecrow   may   still   be   able   to   act   but unable    to    move;    a    person    Transformed    into    a    frog    may    be    able    to    move,    but    not    take    any    actions    of    note.    Though Transformations   all   vary   wildly   with   effects   specific   to   the   ability   or   creature   that   caused   them,   resistance,   cures   of   or   immunity to   Transformation   is   broad,   and   covers   the   entire   spectrum.   If   an   ability   removes   Transformed   status,   it   cures   it   regardless   of whether the individual was turned into an eggplant, a statue, a doll, a mushroom, etc.